Washington Times: America in Good Hands

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Martha McSally
The Washington Times


Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton is exceptionally qualified to serve as President Trump’s National Security Adviser, and I fully support his selection. He has the right mix of expertise on the complex international security threats we face, the leadership experience to coordinate input from multiple federal departments and agencies involved in our national security policy and the strong communication skills to be a spokesman for the president on critical security matters.

His first week at work proved why he is the right man for the job at this critical and dangerous time in history. According to reports, on Saturday, April 7, the murderous Assad regime, propped up by Iranian mullahs and Vladimir Putin’s mercenaries, again employed banned weapons of mass destruction to kill and maim his own citizens, including many children.

On Friday night, Mr. Trump ordered precise, proportionate and overwhelming air strikes, along with our allies, Britain and France. This is exactly the kind of response that was necessary to send Bashar Assad and his enablers – Russia and Iran – a strong message that the world will not stand idly by while they violate international law and normalize the use of banned chemical weapons. This military operation illustrates John Bolton’s ability to provide the president with effective options for achieving critical objectives.


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