Kyrsten Sinema votes with Pelosi, against rescission package

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Date: June 8, 2018


Kyrsten Sinema votes with Pelosi, against rescission package


PHOENIX —  Kyrsten Sinema lined up behind Nancy Pelosi last night to vote against a good government measure to cut $15 billion in wasteful government spending.

The $15 billion rescission package takes back funding from federal programs that has been sitting unused or is not need for its intended purpose any longer.


Some of the commonsense spending cuts include:


  • Rescinding $133 million from a Railroad Retirement Board program that ended in 2012.
  • Rescinding $4 billion from the Department of Energy loan program for Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing which has not made a loan since 2011.

“Kyrsten Sinema’s charade of masquerading as a moderate is up,” McSally Spokeswoman Torunn Sinclair said. “Arizonans want fiscally responsible legislators shrinking government. They don’t want tax and spend proponents like Kyrsten Sinema who look to grow the size of government and toss around taxpayer dollars like it’s going out of style. Last night Kyrsten showed her true colors and sided with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party over Arizonans.”


According to ProPublica, Kyrsten Sinema votes with Nancy Pelosi 76 percent of the time.





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