Statement From Congresswoman McSally on Justice Kennedy’s Retirement

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PHOENIX — Today, Congresswoman Martha McSally released the following statement on the retirement of Justice Kennedy from the United States Supreme Court:

“I would like to thank Justice Kennedy for his decades of service to this country.”

“His successor must adhere to a method of constitutional interpretation faithful to the Framer’s original constitutional design — a design that promotes self-government, ordered liberty, and equality under law.”

“President Trump has already appointed one strong conservative to the Supreme Court, and has put together a list of highly qualified potential nominees. I know he will nominate a Justice whose beliefs will protect our values and preserve our nation for generations to come.”

“The Senate’s current path of Democrat obstruction cannot stand. Their constitutional duty is to advise and consent to the President’s nominee, and they need to do their job. If Kyrsten Sinema is elected to the United States Senate, she will vote with Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren to oppose the President and his judicial nominees at every turn.”


 Colonel Martha McSally is a veteran of the United States Air Force and was the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat and command a fighter squadron. Now, she’s deployed to DC, serving Southern Arizona in Congress. Martha is running for the United States Senate to fight the fights that must be won on national security, economic security and border security. She’s on a mission to get results for all Arizonans, supporting our troops, protecting Arizona jobs and securing our border. Martha will deliver for Arizonans in the Senate, just like she did in Congress and on the battlefield.