Former Arizona Senator Jon Kyl endorses Martha McSally for US Senate

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PHOENIX —  Former Arizona Senator Jon Kyl today released the following statement endorsing Martha McSally for United States Senate:

“I met Martha McSally when she came to work for me in 1999 as a National Security fellow, and as President Trump has said, she was “the real deal”.  She’s brave, tough as nails, and a fighter pilot who put her life on the line fighting for our country.  

“I enthusiastically support Martha because I know she is a strong conservative who will fight for our principles and protect Arizona.  In the House, Martha is fighting to secure our border, cut our taxes, and protect our veterans.  I know she’ll do the same as Arizona’s next Senator. 

“Right now, I’m working with President Trump’s team to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  I know if Martha is Arizona’s next Senator, she will vote to confirm judges who will interpret the constitution as our founding fathers intended in its original design.

“I’m voting for Martha McSally on August 28th, and I humbly ask my friends and supporters in Arizona to vote for this American hero and patriot.”