McSally Campaign Rolls Out New Ad on Border Security, Border Ranchers for McSally Coalition Co-Chairs

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PHOENIX —  Today the McSally campaign rolled out its Border Ranchers for McSally coalition co-chairs with a new ad featuring John Ladd, a border rancher who runs cattle along ten miles of the US-Mexico border in Arizona’s Cochise County.

The coalition co-chairs are ranchers who own and work land along the US-Mexico border. These ranchers are frustrated with the federal government’s inaction to secure the border and protect American citizens from the violent cartels and gangs that use their land to traffic people and drugs.

Martha McSally is working with President Trump to build the wall, secure the border and protect Arizonans. Martha McSally and President Trump are fighting to stop illegal immigration and the vicious cartels that traffic drugs across our border.

John Ladd is the chair of Border Ranchers for McSally.

Co-Chairs include:

  • Beth Ladd
  • Fred Davis
  • Peggy Davis

 “Violent gangs and cartels are smuggling drugs through my land, and the federal government is doing nothing to stop it,” said John Ladd, chair of Border Ranchers for McSally. “Our government doesn’t have a barrier in place that will keep them out and protect our border. This impacts my fellow ranchers and me every single day. Martha McSally gets it. She’s been working for us for over three years now to get us what we need and advocate for us in Washington. I know she’ll do the same as Arizona’s next United States Senator.”