WATCH: McSally For Senate Launches Women’s Coalition

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PHOENIX — Martha McSally joined McSally for Senate Women’s Coalition Chairs Lynn Londen, former Governor Jan Brewer, former Secretary of State Betsey Bayless and Scottsdale City Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp on Wednesday for the launch of the Women for McSally coalition.

The coalition is composed of female leaders from across Arizona dedicated to electing Martha McSally to the United States Senate.

“I’m confident that Martha will take the same drive, energy, courage, intelligence and work ethic she’s had her entire life to the United States Senate,” said Lynn Londen, Chair of Women for McSally. “I’m proud to be a member of her women’s coalition. In fact, I’m just proud of have such an exciting candidate to vote for on my ballot.”

“Martha McSally is an exceptional candidate, an absolutely awesome candidate,” said former Governor Jan Brewer. “Martha has been fighting for all of us and this country for years. I am just so proud of Martha’s history, and her record, and her go-to attitude, because she makes a difference. Martha McSally’s not a showboat, she’s a workhorse, and she gets it done.”