McSally Campaign: This cartoon is repulsive 

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PHOENIX — McSally for Senate Communications Director Torunn Sinclair released the following statement regarding the Arizona Republic’s publication of Steve Benson’s cartoon:

“This cartoon is despicable. Martha McSally was combat-deployed and served 26 years in uniform. She put her life on the line for our country. Getting shot down isn’t a political punchline, it’s a reality our service members face every day.

“This is another example of liberal elitists sitting in their cushy downtown Phoenix offices publishing their out-of-touch media bias and forcing it upon their readers. 

“If the Arizona Republic thinks these are just ‘shallow attacks,’ they should dive deeper into Kyrsten’s record and do the research themselves instead of regurgitating Sinema campaign talking points.

“There is a clear contrast between the candidates in this race with meaningful differences in both policy, and how these women have spent their lives.

“Martha fought for her country, Kyrsten said she was okay with Americans committing treason. Martha is a conservative trying to work to secure the border, improve our healthcare system and keep our economy growing. Kyrsten talks independent, but votes against border security, said she would have voted for Obamacare, and opposed the tax cuts that are helping millions of Americans.

“Some advice for the liberal hacks at the Arizona Republic — try just reporting the facts instead of opinion.”

See below for the cartoon published by the Arizona Republic: